The Holidays Unwrapped

Devised by Steve O’Connell, Katie Relkin, and Amy Sarno

December 11-20, 2017
The Edge Theater, 5451 North Broadway, Chicago, IL

The Holidays Unwrapped is the first Erasing the Distance performance to explore the touching moments and the frustrating fights of the holiday season.

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“The chaos and commotion of the holidays is inescapable. We’re surrounded by Rockwellian images of family harmony, and often our families don’t look the same. The Holidays Unwrapped features a collection of real family stories,” says Artistic Director Amy Sarno.

A music-filled performance that braids together the real stories of nine people, The Holidays Unwrapped is a humorous look at how to manage stress throughout the holiday season.

“The stories shared in The Holidays Unwrapped are similar to many I’ve had clients share with me during the holiday season. It can be difficult for people to manage their expectations during this time of year, performances like this help people to realize they are not alone,” says a counselor at Live Oak Chicago. 

Live Oak has partnered with Erasing the Distance on this production. One of the values of Live Oak is to recognize the harm that comes from discrimination and stigma. They strive to practice psychotherapy, consultation, and training that affirms the value of difference.

Music for The Holidays Unwrapped will be performed live by Steve O’Connell and Joshua Wentz, both original scores and holiday favorites are part of the show.

Wade/James: Dave Belden
Jesse/Ron: Robert Hardaway
Nancy/Clara: Millie Hurley*
Eileen/Mali: Karissa Murrell Myers
Rachel: Katie Relkin* 

Director: Amy Sarno
Stage Manager: Kit Ryan
Clinical Company Liaison: Beto Chavez, Psychotherapist

*Erasing the Distance Company Member

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