DocFest2018, A Documentary Theatre Festival Exploring Mental Health Issues


This year, Erasing the Distance’s festival of new work takes place over the first two weekends of September. DocFest2018 includes two fully produced shows, several short developmental monologues, and a handful of reservation-only workshops.

Tickets: In Advance $15, At the Door $20, Student $13, Group (10 or more) $10. Purchase tickets at

DocPass $45: Unlimited access to all festival events. Purchase your DocPass here.

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The two feature productions include the following:

Learning 101

Focusing on whole child wellness, Learning 101 examines the role trauma plays in classrooms. Stories of Chicago Public School educators and students magnify an “average” school today and the challenges they face.

Adapters: Mariana Green* and Heather Schwartz
Director: Kira Silverstein
Performers: Meghan Harkins, Rolo Rodriguez, and PJ Walker

Over the Moon

From puberty to menopause, the female reproductive system affects mental health. Empathically examining fertility/infertility, illness, motherhood and more, the stories in Over the Moon provide insight and compassion into the female experience.

Adapters: Maura Kidwell* and Katie Relkin*
Director: Lydia Milman Schmidt
Performers: Claire Alpern and Claudia DiBiccari

*Erasing the Distance Artistic Company member

Each feature performance is preceded by a monologue reading. The topics being explored in the monologues include depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, disordered eating, and more.

In addition, there are three healing and wellness workshops:

Food and Mood. Led by Sheila Petersen a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, this workshop is about how different foods impact our brains and therefore influence our emotional lives. Sheila is a writer, teacher and change coach dedicated to helping people who are ready to make changes in their lives through one-on-one coaching. Visit her website at

Trauma and the Body. Beto Chavez, a member of the Erasing the Distance clinical company, joins another counselor from Live Oak to guide us through an informational session about trauma and its manifestation in our bodies. Participants learn about the impact trauma has on our mental health.

Emotion In Motion. Erasing the Distance company member Wannapa Eubanks guides a workshop exploring storytelling using Butoh-inspired movement. Using meditation, mindfulness, flowing energy through Qi-qong, and some Noguchi Taiso technique (Water Body movement), Wannapa is joined by theatre artist and sound teller Laura Crotte who sets the soundscape for our time together with a collage of unique percussion instruments from around the world.

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