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Story Showcase: First Responders | November 12-14, 2018
Chicago Dramatists Theatre | Chicago, IL

Erasing the Distance is proud to announce Story Showcase: First Responders, a timely exploration of the mental health experiences of  law enforcement officers and firefighters.

Many uniformed first responders encounter traumatic events in the line of duty. And they often face unique challenges to receiving mental health support, including cultural pressure to continue their day-to-day routine by any means necessary, despite difficulties.

“I remember my first situation where I saw a person beaten so badly they weren’t even recognized as a person. The gangs call that a violation. This guy, I think he was a drug addict, stumbled upon some of the dope that was hidden, took it for himself, went and got high, went and sold it.  The next day, they grabbed him, and beat him so severely, and said… it was… his head was the size of a pumpkin. Pumpkinhead. I mean, the man’s head was that swollen, it, like, barely fit on his shoulders. He was thrown into a dumpster. It was… that… that was probably one of the first times I was in awe of… of… of the severity and… and… and the brutality of it… of human being… one human being can do to another. And I didn’t even think anything of it, until several years later.  I never dealt with it. ‘Cause nobody told me to deal with it,” – Brian’s story

Join us at Chicago Dramatists on November 12–14 for a showcase of new stories from this sphere, followed by facilitated dialogue.

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That Night | April 25–May 5, 2019
Location TBD | Chicago, IL

This world premiere production is an exploration into the mental health impact of the criminal justice system on the lives of those it touches. We follow the story of Dana Holland—wrongfully incarcerated for over a decade—as he recounts the events leading to his conviction and his path toward exoneration.

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