Will You Stand Up? (2013)

Nov. 12, 13, 19 & 20, 2013

This visceral and moving production featured five stories that explored the various effects of violence on mental health. Whether victim, perpetrator or witness, acts of violence leave no one unharmed. In WILL YOU STAND UP?, five men and women found their voices, confronted their pasts, and challenged their communities to action.


The cast of WILL YOU STAND UP?

The lobby of the theater featured an exhibit of works by visual artists Deva Suckerman and Fernando Ramirez that explored the themes in WILL YOU STAND UP?

Artwork by Deva Suckerman.

Artwork by Deva Suckerman.


Directed by: Jason Economus
Adapted by: Brenda Barrie, Pat Curtis, Brighid O’Shaughnessy and Craig C. Thompson
Performed by: Jasondra Johnson, James Earl Jones II, Maura Kidwell, Adam Poss and Craig C. Thompson
Visual Art: Deva Suckerman and Fernando Ramirez
Art Curator: Meredith Siemsen
Stage Manager: Deanna Fiorentino
Production Manager: Jennifer Shine
Lighting Designer: Diane Fairchild


Will You Stand Up was sponsored by Experian.


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