Custom Program Example: High School

Loyola Academy

We have the great pleasure of partnering each year with Loyola Academy in Wilmette to help implement its health curriculum school wide.

Over the course of the school year, we bring in 8-10 different stories to students across every grade level in an effort to shine light on the lived experience of such issues as depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and domestic and sexual violence.

The shows are followed by our signature talkbacks, and then integration continues following our departure.  Health professionals from the school use our post-show curriculum to deepen the learning and help the students further process the stories and topics.

When we go to the campus, we perform every 45 minutes throughout school hours, in order to reach an entire grade level of students in one day.

Click below to hear from Selena Maguire, Director of Health and Wellness at Loyola Academy, on how she feels Erasing the Distance has impacted the school and its students.


Sample Story: Chloe

Chloe (Angela Johnson) faces bullying at school and punishment at home when it’s discovered that she self-injures. Click below for a short video excerpt of this story, which is just one of several we have available for performance at high schools.