Custom Program Example: Colleges/Universities

North Central College

We have performed for the past three years at North Central College in Naperville, IL, in collaboration with the school’s Peer Educators and Wellness Center, as a way to educate students about mental health services on campus. We work with the school each year to select five stories that cover a wide variety of topics, such as sexual abuse, eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, suicide, and self-injury.

 “I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you and members of Erasing the Distance did to help us educate North Central students in such an amazing way! Everything was absolutely perfect, and I’m very proud to say we had about 100 students at the program so it was a great turn out! The discussion and feedback we received from students was all positive. All the actors did an incredible job! I look forward to us working again in the future!” –Kaitlyn, Peer Educator, North Central College

Sample Story: EMILY

Emily (Katie Genualdi) finds that not everyone in her life is able to support her on her road to recovery after she is sexually assaulted. She eventually joins Rape Victim Advocates and promotes sexual health and an affirmative consent standard through SHEER. Click below for a short video excerpt of this story, which is just one of many we have available for performance at colleges and universities.