The Forgiveness Project – In Production


MAY 27 and MAY 28, 2016:


When the house burns down, what do you do with the ashes?

Based on the lives of four real people, this theatrical event shines a light on unexpected emotional facets of forgiveness.

To gather the stories for this performance, Erasing the Distance first put out a call to interview people about their experiences related to forgiveness and mental health.

“There were certain perspectives I made a point to seek out, but other interviews came from people who were in our network and just approached me with something to share,” says Producer Jana Ross.

One person whose perspective she sought out directly was Dana Holland, a man wrongly sentenced to 118 years in prison for crimes he did not commit, later covered in the news.
Photo of Dana Holland
 ©Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune


After interviewing four people in-depth about their experiences, these interviews are transcribed word-for-word, pared down for the stage, and then ultimately will be performed by professional actors in Erasing the Distance’s signature style.

heather_cropDirector Heather Bodie (ETD Company Member) is getting ready to begin rehearsals for this show.  We asked her a little bit about the process.

Q. What has been a challenge as you prepare this production?

Heather: The biggest challenge with collecting and shaping new stories is finding a way to shape all the wonderful details into a monologue fit for this show.  Each one of these four stories could have been a one person full length show!

Q: As rehearsals start next week, what are you looking forward to?

Heather: I am looking forward to having the actors take on these stories and breathe a new life into them.

 I am excited and anxious to experience all of their incredible energy in one room!  The best part of the process for me is rehearsal. We play, we learn, we explore.  I can’t wait!

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