The Forgiveness Project at Beloit College

Student actors Peter Gustafson, Kaela Hadaway, and Khamron Wells performing at Beloit College.


This fall, Artistic Director Amy Sarno—who is also Associate Professor of Theatre Arts at Beloit College—worked with Custom Programs Manager Jana Ross on The Forgiveness Project

The show, which was on stage at Beloit College October 5-14, 2017, explored the stories of individuals impacted by the justice system.

Kaela Hadaway and Khamron Wells

Khamron Wells

The Forgiveness Project was the result of 20 interviews, all with real people involved with the criminal justice system. Of these 20 interviews, four stories were chosen and shaped into the script performed in Beloit.

Now that the Beloit College production has closed, Sarno and Ross are revisiting the script. A Criminal Kind of Justice, the result of the revised script, will be staged in Chicago in the spring of 2018.

“The common thread between all four stories is that each of these individuals feel the justice system has failed them, so The Forgiveness Project is about questioning whether the justice system is working and what role forgiveness plays within the justice system. After directing The Forgiveness Project at Beloit College, I now see elements that need adjusting before bringing it to a Chicago stage. The trauma that’s going on in the south and west parts of Chicago, it’s shocking that’s happening right here in the U.S.” – Erasing the Distance Artistic Director Amy Sarno.

The Forgiveness Project was covered in the Beloit Daily News. You can read the full article here: Beloit College Play Examines Role of Forgiveness In Justice System

Sydney Mercado and Khamron Wells 

Peter Gustafson and Sydney Mercado

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