We welcome Laura Crotte as our soundteller for the production Through My Daughter’s Eyes


Meet Laura Crotte, our soundteller for Through My Daughter’s Eyes. ┬áLaura hails from Mexico where she developed a career as stage actor, director, and vocal performer. She has been in Chicago working for 17 years as an actor, teaching artist, Mexican music vocalist, educator, and bi-national exchange promoter.

As she develops the soundscape that she will perform live at each performance, we asked her to share her feelings about the experience:

“This is my first experience with ETD and I am learning so much already. Thrilled to be collaborating with an artist and friend with whom I have explored different artistic expressions for almost 16 years. Butoh dance was our crossroads and our first encounter, so to experiment artistically with this profound, tough, and painful personal story with such style brings us back metaphorically to a beginning, hopefully a new beginning, in this stage of our lives. I am already sensing a call for transformation, to be open to retell the story with a different perspective: exploring understanding and forgiveness.”

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