SPARKfest 2017 – Panels and Workshops

All 3 shows will be performed over 3 weeks, but each weekend will highlight the mental health partner of 1 show within the festival. All panel discussions will be held in the theatre and all workshops will be held in the lobby. Panels and workshops are FREE!

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The Lies We Tell
Peer Services Weekend – Sept. 9 and 10

Post-Show Panel
September 9, after the 8:00 pm show
Peer Services of Evanston will be talking directly about the stigmas that impact addiction and recovery, including people’s perceptions of addiction and the models that help to understand addiction. They will also address the challenges that face an individual when they are working to maintain sobriety, avoid relapse, and cope with relationship struggles.

Panelists include:

  • Christine McCall, Clinical Director
  • Sarah Anker, Coordinator of Adult & Adolescent Program
  • Bobby Carbage, Coordinator of DUI Services & Risk Education

W(he’)ll Talk About Addiction and Recovery
September 10 from 12:30-1:30 pm
An examination of the most current information. Next you’ll play the roulette wheel of questions and situations that are important conversation starters and answers to deepen your knowledge of what addiction, sobriety, and recovery concern.

Breathe With Me
Metropolitan Family Services Weekend – Sept. 16 and 17

Post-Show Panel
September 16, after the 8:00 pm show
Metropolitan Family Services of DuPage County
Metropolitan Family Services will discuss caregiving and caregiving support that is available and ways you can take care of yourself or your loved ones when they are supporting a family member.

Panelists include:

  • Loren Faith Buford, Program Supervisor, Senior Services (Wheaton)
  • Helen Fitzpatrick, Senior Services Therapist (Elmhurst)

Caregivers: Challenges, Rewards and Resources
September 17 from 12:15-1:30 pm
Short presentation and informal roundtable discussion followed by Q & A. Caregivers, family members and seniors, along with licensed clinical social workers, discuss types of caregiving. Also, a conversation of the importance of self-care along with illnesses/behaviors most common amongst aging population and useful interventions.

Metropolitan Family Services will also sponsoring a Dementia Live booth on September 17. “Dementia Live is an experience that immerses participants into what life might be like living with cognitive impairment and sensory change.”

Walk A Mile
NAMI Chicago Weekend – Sept. 23 and 24

Post-Show Panel
September 23, after the 8:00 pm show
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Chicago
Two members of NAMI will explore ways the community and family can support families in times of need.

Talking and Listening to Strengthen Your Family
September 24 from 12:15-1:30 pm

NAMI’s Kasey Franco will be introducing participants to some mental health basics and red flags for families and how to think about recovery, barriers to care, community and family support. As part of this workshop, participants will also be on their feet learning some basic talking and listening skills.

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Your experiences, insights and thoughts are needed to make these panels and workshops a success! Come share your experience and learn from the experiences of others.

See you at Filament Theatre!