How We Do It


We start with the story…

Erasing the Distance uses true stories from people like you to create our docu-drama style performances. We have a wide network of trained volunteers who collect these stories via audio recorded personal interviews. Storytellers come to us in many different ways. You may be moved to share your story after seeing a performance, or we often seek out storytellers for specific topics as needed.

Adapt it for the stage…

Our volunteers meticulously transcribe the interviews and then begin the daunting process of sculpting the stories for the stage. A typical interview is usually 15-30 pages of text, from which we cull about 2–5 pages to create a scene or monologue. The editing process helps give dramatic focus and shape to a story, yet always protects and honors the real words of the tellers.

And then it’s show time!

We use professional actors to bring our true stories to life. From the stories we collect, we create world premiere productions for the general public, and customizable custom programs for schools, faith groups, conferences, workplaces, and community organizations.