The Holidays are VIRTUALLY Upon Us…

jhgn22_hiWhat do you do when you’re with your family for the holidays?  Does everyone pile into the car and go to the nearest movie multiplex to catch all SIX films being shown?  Do you sneak off to a corner of the living room to whine about your sister on Facebook? Do you take War and Peace to the bathroom to avoid the family argument over politics?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone.  After being away, coming home can baffle you as to how you could possibly share DNA with this particular group of people. 

Some psychologists suggest that one of the best ways to cope with family gatherings can be observing your family’s dynamics in a way that you can tell someone about later.  Erasing the Distance wants to create a theatrical exploration of family dynamics for the 2017 holiday season.  Erasing the Distance, a theatre company dedicated to generating insight and compassion around issues of mental health, invites you to share the hopes fulfilled and dashed by coming home for the holidays.  Between December 5  and the end of Passover, we’ll be inviting you to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook and comment on our blog about what happens while visiting your family.  Leading up to and on the various winter holidays, we’ll be sending out prompts encouraging you to share your experience with us.  We welcome your narrations of the joyful, the disappointing, the stressful, and the ridiculous events that happen while you’re with family members for all the winter holidays.

Your shared comments, stories, jokes, and photos may become part of our 2017 Holiday Show; we will protect your privacy and welcome individuals who want to share longer stories of their holiday experiences to contact us.  Allow ETD to be your secret sounding board throughout the holidays!

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