Dave Belden has been cast in SPARKfest® 2017

Dave Belden

Dave Belden

We are thrilled to announce Dave Belden has been cast in the part of Sam in Breathe With Me!

Breathe With Me, a show exploring end-of-life caregivers and their mental health, is one of the productions in SPARKfest® 2017. Devised by Erasing the Distance Artistic Company members Millie Hurley and Maura Kidwell, Breathe With Me explores end-of-life caregivers and their mental health.

Caregiving is spoken of as both a gift and a burden. Breathe With Me raises questions about how hard it is on the actual person who is having to balance work, family, and the needs of the ailing family member. How is the mental health of the caregiver being taken care of? Is this person getting emotional support?

Below is a portion of Sam’s story:

“We called the coroner, and…. My dad had a wicked sense of humor and.. the coroner said ‘look we’ve got a rash of.. deaths tonight I can’t explain it, uh but it’s gonna take us a while is that okay’ and we said yeah that’s fine, he’s just.. sitting here we’ll just sit here with him, and that’s fine. So we did and, y’know I think the relief of everything we were kinda laughing a little bit because we thought, you know, wouldn’t it be really funny if – and he would have loved this.. He had this gorilla.. suit (small laugh) that he loved that was based on.. this old TV show, um, Ernie Kovacs and he loved this thing and we were like we should put him in this suit and let the coroner show up and… it sounds awful but it’s-  it’s something that he would have loved. We ended up not doing it but… They came, they finally came at about 3 a.m. I think. ”

SPARKfest® 2017 is September 7 – 24, 2017 at Filament Theatre in the Portage Park neighborhood.

See you there…


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