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Brian Weddington and Susie Griffith Have Been Cast In That Night!

We are thrilled to announce Brian Weddington and Susie Griffith have been cast in That Night! That Night Opens April 12 Get Your Tickets Today! That Night is an exploration into the mental health impact of the criminal justice system on the lives of those it touches. The play follows the story of Dana Holland—wrongfully incarcerated for over a decade—as he recounts the events leading to his conviction and his path toward exoneration. Karen, his attorney, … Continue reading

Erasing the Distance’s UnGala 2019!

 Erasing the Distance cordially invites you to Take Care of You! That’s right, you are not invited to a gala with dancing in uncomfortable heels and stiff suits. On March 9, you are invited to Erasing the Distance’s first ever #SelfCareUnGala. There is no babysitter to pay and no small-talk to make. Instead, do what you need to take care of you, from take-out food in your pajamas to a long talk with a friend. … Continue reading

Reverend Cheryl T. Magrini Joins the Erasing the Distance Board of Directors

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Magrini to our Board of Directors! Reverend Cheryl T. Magrini, M.S.Ed., M.T.S., Ph.D., has served Chicago area United Methodist churches for over 30 years. Since 2005 her ministry has been with the First United Methodist Church at Chicago Temple including teaching biblical studies that connect faith to life and shepherding the congregation’s mental health task force. In 2011, her family lost their son, Dan, to bipolar disorder at age … Continue reading

That Night Co-Adapter and Stage Manager: Melanie Thompson

Melanie Thompson became involved with Erasing the Distance when she was a senior at Dominican University. At that time, Artistic Director Heather Bodie was leading a residency at the school. Heather taught a class on the methodology of Erasing the Distance in fall of 2017. The class collected 22 stories, including stories from two teachers, two graduate students, and one alumni. Most of the stories were collected from undergraduate students. Of the stories collected, 10 were … Continue reading

First Responders, Our First Story Showcase, SOLD OUT!

    Stef Tovar* and Joshua J. Volkers performing First Responders  Brian Warner, who shared his story, and Artistic Director Heather Bodie on CBS 2.  Discussing First Responders on Fox 32. Joshua J. Volkers, Brian Warner, and Stef Tovar who performed Brian’s story in First Responders. We are so grateful to everyone who made First Responders a sold-out success! For this showcase, first-hand mental health experiences from a police officer and a firefighter were collected; the stigmas, … Continue reading


On Sunday, my family and I were in Sipi Falls in Uganda.  We had a spectacular view of the country all the way to the Kenya border.  We kept switching seats.  New seats gave new perspectives on the land around us.  Plus, our interactions changed every time we switched seats.   What was your seating plan around your holiday table?  How did your view change?  How did it change the conversation? Please draw us your … Continue reading

At Our Table for the Holidays

THE ULTIMATE HOLIDAY QUESTION: My family gathered this year in Sipi Falls, Uganda for the holidays.  We had a spectacular view of a cave, a canyon, and a waterfall.  In fact, depending on where you sat, you could see the lake separating Uganda from Kenya.  We kept switching seats which changed our perspectives.  Even our conversations changed.   ETD wants to hear about how your seating arrangements and how it impacted your conversations.  Did you … Continue reading

The Holidays are VIRTUALLY Upon Us…

What do you do when you’re with your family for the holidays?  Does everyone pile into the car and go to the nearest movie multiplex to catch all SIX films being shown?  Do you sneak off to a corner of the living room to whine about your sister on Facebook? Do you take War and Peace to the bathroom to avoid the family argument over politics?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, … Continue reading

Training in the ETD Methodology

Dana Black reflects on her experience thus far with the Methodology training:  “If you can’t honor them, you can’t take the journey with them.”  “Not every story has a climax.” “There is power in silence.” “Clean your own container before holding someone else’s truth.” “It doesn’t always happen in the order you want.”  “Hold them lightly…respect the teller first and foremost.” It reads like the best self-care book there is, doesn’t it? As if this … Continue reading

Through My Daughter’s Eyes

Update: This performance is past.  But please join our mailing list to stay tuned for the next production!   Through My Daughter’s Eyes Friday, August 19th at 8:00 pm Saturday, August 20th at 4:00pm  and 8:00pm at Mankind Project 1900 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL Running time: 60 minutes with no intermission. Audience talkback after every show. Join us as we follow the true story of Rain and her family’s life, exploring the threads of addiction as … Continue reading