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On Sunday, my family and I were in Sipi Falls in Uganda.  We had a spectacular view of the country all the way to the Kenya border.  We kept switching seats.  New seats gave new perspectives on the land around us.  Plus, our interactions changed every time we switched seats.   What was your seating plan around your holiday table?  How did your view change?  How did it change the conversation? Please draw us your … Continue reading

At Our Table for the Holidays

THE ULTIMATE HOLIDAY QUESTION: My family gathered this year in Sipi Falls, Uganda for the holidays.  We had a spectacular view of a cave, a canyon, and a waterfall.  In fact, depending on where you sat, you could see the lake separating Uganda from Kenya.  We kept switching seats which changed our perspectives.  Even our conversations changed.   ETD wants to hear about how your seating arrangements and how it impacted your conversations.  Did you … Continue reading

The Holidays are VIRTUALLY Upon Us…

What do you do when you’re with your family for the holidays?  Does everyone pile into the car and go to the nearest movie multiplex to catch all SIX films being shown?  Do you sneak off to a corner of the living room to whine about your sister on Facebook? Do you take War and Peace to the bathroom to avoid the family argument over politics?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, … Continue reading

Training in the ETD Methodology

Dana Black reflects on her experience thus far with the Methodology training:  “If you can’t honor them, you can’t take the journey with them.”  “Not every story has a climax.” “There is power in silence.” “Clean your own container before holding someone else’s truth.” “It doesn’t always happen in the order you want.”  “Hold them lightly…respect the teller first and foremost.” It reads like the best self-care book there is, doesn’t it? As if this … Continue reading

Through My Daughter’s Eyes

Update: This performance is past.  But please join our mailing list to stay tuned for the next production!   Through My Daughter’s Eyes Friday, August 19th at 8:00 pm Saturday, August 20th at 4:00pm  and 8:00pm at Mankind Project 1900 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL Running time: 60 minutes with no intermission. Audience talkback after every show. Join us as we follow the true story of Rain and her family’s life, exploring the threads of addiction as … Continue reading

We welcome Laura Crotte as our soundteller for the production Through My Daughter’s Eyes

Meet Laura Crotte, our soundteller for Through My Daughter’s Eyes.  Laura hails from Mexico where she developed a career as stage actor, director, and vocal performer. She has been in Chicago working for 17 years as an actor, teaching artist, Mexican music vocalist, educator, and bi-national exchange promoter. As she develops the soundscape that she will perform live at each performance, we asked her to share her feelings about the experience: “This is my first … Continue reading

Jill Wolf, one of the members on our Mental Health Advisory Board

Throughout the production process of our most recent world premiere, we were gifted with the presence of Jill Wolf, is a member of our Mental Health Advisory Board. Jill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience working with diverse populations including substance abusers, the incarcerated, sex workers, survivors of sexual traumas, and individuals living with mood disorders. Jill currently serves as the Hepatitis C Program Director for the Caring Ambassadors … Continue reading

The Forgiveness Project – In Production 2

Jana Ross (also our Touring Manager) is the lead artist on the next pop-up, The Forgiveness Project . We spoke with Jana about the work-in-progress and theme of forgiveness.   Q: Tell us a little about your pop-up. Jana: I’ve been really curious about the concept of forgiveness for a while and I noticed that many of our stories address forgiveness in some way — forgiveness of someone else, towards one’s self, choosing not to forgive. … Continue reading

The Forgiveness Project – Heather Bodie & Jana Ross

THE FORGIVENESS PROJECT is this weekend! Friday, May 27 at 8:00pm (sold out) Saturday, May 28 at 4:00pm (limited tickets available) and 8:00pm (tickets available) A few words from Heather Bodie & Jana Ross:   In tracking the forgiveness journeys of real people, brought to life by professional actors in ETD’s signature style, this theatrical event shines a light on unexpected emotional facets of forgiveness. Whether grappling to forgive ourselves, our families, partners, religious groups or … Continue reading

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