Amygdala Rest – Production Photos

Mike Ooi as Eugene, Millie Hurley as Alyce, Akua Sarhene as Lucy Brown
We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who came out to see our production of Amygdala Rest this past weekend. 
We were graced with full houses and inquisitive, engaged audiences. Over half of you were new to us and we look forward to continuing the conversation throughout the 2016 PopUp Series.
Production photos from Amygdala Rest, courtesy of Gretchen Kelley.
Akua Sarhene as Denise, Mike Ooi as Larry Young
Mike Ooi as Larry Young
Millie Hurley as Janice
The 2016 PopUpSeries continues throughout 2016Unexpected Performances in Unexpected Places

Each pop-up is produced by an ETD Company Member.

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