5 Reasons to Support SPARKfest 2017

Planning for SPARKfest 2017  is well under way! And our SPARKfest 2017 crowdfunding campaign has one more week to go… So, we thought we’d share why we are launching the festival this year and why it’s so important to us and the community.

1. Why is it called SPARKfest? Art sparks creativity and awareness. SPARKfest 2017 gives three weeks of stage time to three new works. There will be more opportunities than ever before to see the work of our Artistic Company. More chances for members of the community to connect with resources they need. More conversations to decrease stigma about mental health.

2. Art is essential. Through hearing the stories of others, we are able to build bridges of understanding and promote healing. The art we are creating allows us to see mental health issues as part of life. Either for those around us, within our personal lives, or both. SPARKfest 2017 is about creating a space where people can meet and interact with others who are facing similar challenges to them.

3. Theatre is a great way to learn. Experiencing another viewpoint informs our outlook. Issues of addiction, generational connections, and end-of-life caregivers are all explored in the works within SPARKfest 2017. Chances are you’ll have moments of understanding, and moments of new insight.

4. We live in a time of social change. Theatre mirrors the culture we live in. It is an art form that wrestles with issues people are experiencing day to day. SPARKfest 2017 is a festival of many true stories, all based on honest conversations. The performances are revelations of our experience as humans in today’s world.

5. Real interaction. In a world filled with smartphones and laptops, theatre reminds us that storytelling is still personal and intimate. In addition to the performances themselves, SPARKfest 2017 will host exhibits, panels, workshops, and discussions about how individuals within a community can support one another.

Help us make this festival a reality!

Any donation is appreciated.




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