3 Reasons to Bring “Veterans Voices” to Your Community


Is your school, business, or organization looking for programming for Veterans Day, Memorial Day or Armed Forces Day?

Veterans Voices is an Erasing the Distance custom program that focuses on the mental health issues facing active military, veterans, and their families.

With scripts shaped from true stories that explore various mental health issues, Erasing the Distance performances feature people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, racial groups, and perspectives.

The stories of five real people are shared in Veterans Voices. One of the stories, the David story, shares the background of one soldier—what he was exposed to when serving in Vietnam and how difficult it was for him to cope once he returned home.

Here is an excerpt from David’s story:

“The first night I was home, I was laying in the living room, it was around June so it was pretty much the dead of summer, and there was a little bit of a shower that night, but we had the windows open. And we lived on Lake Street, so there was more traffic there than there was on neighborhood streets…And a car drove by, and you know the sound a car makes on a wet pavement, you know, Shoo, it sounded just like mortars coming in. And I screamed and I jumped to the floor. And mom came in, ‘What’s the matter?!’ And I realized, okay, I’m in Aurora.”

Every Erasing the Distance performance is followed by a moderated, interactive talkback to process the theme of the show.

Here are a few reasons to bring Veterans Voices to your community:

  1. Increase feelings of hope, compassion, admiration, empathy, and pride toward Veterans/Military Personnel with mental health issues while decreasing feelings of pity and indifference.
  2. Learn about resources that serve Veterans/Military Personnel and learn how to identify barriers to receiving treatment.
  3. Strengthen an individual’s ability to identify symptoms of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and shed light on how to heal and move forward once an individual is diagnosed with PTSD.

To start the conversation or for more information about booking and fees, contact Custom Programs Manager Jana Ross:  jana@erasingthedistance.org.

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