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The Cast for “The Holidays Unwrapped”

The Holidays Unwrapped is the first Erasing the Distance performance to explore the touching moments and the frustrating fights of the holiday season. “The chaos and commotion of the holidays is inescapable. We’re surrounded by Rockwellian images of family harmony, and often our families don’t look like the same. The Holidays Unwrapped features a collection of real family stories,” says Artistic Director Amy Sarno. A music-filled performance that braids together the real stories of nine people, … Continue reading

The Golf Marathon Fundraiser!

On Sunday, October 8, Board Member Tony House golfed 100 holes for Erasing the Distance in honor of “Mental Illness Awareness Week”! As of now, Tony has raised $8,475 to date and donations are still coming in!!!  There’s still time to show your support for Tony and for Erasing the Distance by making a donation today. Let’s hit the ball off the course and impact more people’s lives with a total win of $10,000. Donate to the Tony … Continue reading

Stacy Stoltz Is a Deviser and Performer In SPARKfest® 2017

Stacy Stoltz devised Walk A Mile, a performance about family connection and healing, and she is performing the stories she has collected from her own parents. “I wanted to meet them in the past. Feel the weight of their lives. Find out why they are…who they are. Grow my empathy for them,” says Stoltz. Erasing the Distance is thrilled to have Walk A Mile as part of SPARKfest® 2017! Below is a portion of a story … Continue reading

Dave Belden has been cast in SPARKfest® 2017

We are thrilled to announce Dave Belden has been cast in the part of Sam in Breathe With Me! Breathe With Me, a show exploring end-of-life caregivers and their mental health, is one of the productions in SPARKfest® 2017. Devised by Erasing the Distance Artistic Company members Millie Hurley and Maura Kidwell, Breathe With Me explores end-of-life caregivers and their mental health. Caregiving is spoken of as both a gift and a burden. Breathe With Me raises questions about how hard it is … Continue reading

A Toast to Brighid!

Artistic Director Emeritus Brighid O’Shaughnessy stopped by the Erasing the Distance Artistic Company meeting on Monday, June 12, 2017. Our artists gathered together to toast Brighid and celebrate her as an inspiration, friend, and founder of our organization. Sharing the effect of Erasing the Distance’s mission on their lives, their professional growth as artists, and the personal connections that have grown through our work, Artistic Company members raised a glass. Of course, Brighid’s impact could … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Support SPARKfest 2017

Planning for SPARKfest 2017  is well under way! And our SPARKfest 2017 crowdfunding campaign has one more week to go… So, we thought we’d share why we are launching the festival this year and why it’s so important to us and the community. 1. Why is it called SPARKfest? Art sparks creativity and awareness. SPARKfest 2017 gives three weeks of stage time to three new works. There will be more opportunities than ever before to see the … Continue reading


On Sunday, my family and I were in Sipi Falls in Uganda.  We had a spectacular view of the country all the way to the Kenya border.  We kept switching seats.  New seats gave new perspectives on the land around us.  Plus, our interactions changed every time we switched seats.   What was your seating plan around your holiday table?  How did your view change?  How did it change the conversation? Please draw us your … Continue reading

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