Golf Marathon Fundraiser was a success!

On Sunday, October 8, Board Member Tony House golfed 100 holes for Erasing the Distance in honor of “Mental Illness Awareness Week”.

As of now, Tony has raised $8,475 to date and donations are still coming in!!! 

There’s still time to show your support for Tony and for Erasing the Distance by making a donation today. Let’s hit the ball off the course and impact more people’s lives with a total win of $10,000. Donate to the Tony House Golf Marathon, today:

SPARKfest® 2017

SPARKfest® was a festival of new work that included three world premieres. In Walk A Mile, a woman uncovered her family stories involving depression and post-traumatic stress disorder; Breathe With Me explored the quiet and complex emotional world of the end-of-life caregiver; and The Lies We Tell was the story of one man’s struggle with addiction.

Through the three-week festival, which ran September 7-24, 2017, at Filament Theatre in Chicago, Erasing the Distance continued to use the power of performance to disarm stigma, spark dialogue, educate, and promote healing surrounding issues of mental health.

Chicago Magazine: Wrestling Stigmas on Stage

Learn more about this festival today!!!

I was in awe from the performance. I think the stories were acted not only with great skills but in a very authentic manner.

– Kathy Sexton-Radek, Professor of Psychology, Elmhurst College

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