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For the past 15 years, Erasing the Distance has been creating space for real people discuss their experiences around mental health—and then sharing these true stories with a wider audience—with the goal of helping people know they are not alone in their mental health journey. 

“I keep thinking about what transpired in your amazing performance yesterday. The question from the grandmother in the audience, and the loving way that she was responded to…it just blew me away. In this day of divisions and hostility, it was so amazing to witness how we can heal each other by listening and embracing a person who is suffering. There were so many layers of extraordinary! You created a setting that changed lives. Hats off to you.” 

-Erasing the Distance Audience Member, Spring 2019


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I would like to say thank you for providing the community with such a powerful and informative performance. I am a student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology working on getting my Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology, and I feel that the performance provided helpful insight to my future career in the mental health field.

– Audience Member