A Collaboration with Trifecta Dance Collective 

Save the date: June 1, 2019

Each year, Trifecta Dance Collective hopes to ignite dialogue through an artistic lens in their annual full-length work titled In.Grained. Each season, Trifecta highlights a demographic within the community by immersing themselves in their culture, stories, and lives. For their 2019 In.Grained project, they decided to work with Erasing the Distance to create a piece about anxiety and depression.

Join us for the final In.Grained performance on June 1 at The Athenaeum Theatre. All ages. Performance lasts 90 minutes plus one 15-minute intermission.

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It was an eye opening performance. I really enjoyed it, and as touching as each story was I didn’t walk away ‘emotionally drained or down.’ As a matter of fact, it was inspiring. The more people who experience the show, the better. It really does make a difference!

– Audience Member